CardanoCrusader's Crypto Primer [REAL] Pool
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Essential Guidance To Navigate The Volatile Crypto Market

Don't Learn The Hard Way, Learn From Others

Help Support Us! If You Decide To Invest In ADA, Stake It In our pool with ticker: REAL. We Can Grow Our Investment Together And Keep Cardano A Stable And Decentralized Network with 0 risk. 

First Things First

As the crypto primer says: DO YOUR RESEARCH.

If you've decided Cardano is a worthy project, then you are in the right place. 

Cardano is the newest generation of blockchain technology. It is being developed by IOHK who employs hundreds of some of the smartest people in the industry. I'll stop there, since you already researched it ;-)

WHy Delegate to the [REAL] STake Pool:

1% Block Minting Fee. When rewarded for minting blocks, we take very little to keep the pool running.

Secure - strictly followed configuration specs to ensure low risk of a security incident

Reliable - 99.99% uptime monitored by humans

Giving Back To The Community
We advise people new to crypto on how to have a safer journey.
We participate in the Cardano Catalyst Project as Community Advisors.

A couple Of Reminders about delegating to a stake pool:
  • Your ADA remains your ADA and can be used at anytime.

  • You will not lose ADA while delegating to a stake pool. Again, it is still yours.

  • It takes 2 epochs before your stake becomes eligible for rewards. Moving it frequently will earn you nothing. Think of it as a long term investment.

  • Delegating is not going to get you rich - it simply offers a way to earn a small return while you hold your ADA by helping a stake pool operator keep the Cardano network resilient and decentralized. A stable network is more useful, and Cardano being more useful drives up the price of ADA over time. That is when you will see big returns. 

  • Many wallets like Daedelus will recommend a stake pool based on a desirability score. The more saturated a pool is, the less rewards you get. But the greater the chance of minting a block is. But if you are part of a low saturation pool, and it mints a block, your rewards are much higher.